Monday, October 17, 2005

Finding Your Center

I had a conversation the other day with my wife about working out. I workout religiously, while my wife goes to Curves once in a blue moon. I told my wife that I like to workout because it makes me feel normal again. After a good workout, I feel alive; I feel really good.

Work is usually stressful and not all that fun; it really drags me down. Working out lifts me up and gives me a better perspective on life. I look forward to working out during the day. It's how I find my center, and that's the best way to describe it.

My wife thought that was just crazy talk. How could anyone like exercising? Well, I do.

My Dad finds his center in the outdoors. He loves fishing and hunting. A week on the Kiabab in Northern Arizona and my Dad is a new man.

I have a really good friend at work that loves backpacking. That's all he talks about, and I'm sure that is how he finds his center.

My conclusion is that everyone has a center. Many people don't know what it is, or don't recognize it. Many people haven't found it yet and that's as good as any reason to try new things. I'm thinking about kayaking, and maybe my friend is right about backpacking.

Surely my wife has a center, but just doesn't recognize what it is.

What is your center? or do you think I'm crazy too?